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As a young biotech company, I-Mab has been expanding rapidly and providing ample opportunities of career advancement for our employees. We believe that the team spirit and passion for innovation and perfection are critical for our continued success and our enduring corporate values. I-Mab is committed to creating a career development platform for our employees to explore their potential and fulfill their dreams.

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We are passionate about bringing transformational therapies to patients around the world. If you share our passion, you are warmly welcomed to join the I-Mab family and our journey in making a positive impact on patients’ lives.

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(Associate/ Sr.) Clinical Research Manager
Direct Report 直线经理:(Associate) Clinical Research Director
Direct Subordinates 直接下属:(Sr.) Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Primary Function 主要职能:
Manage clinical monitoring operation to ensure projects are appropriately resourced. Ensure that clinical staff (CRAs) gains the necessary skills to perform their respective job responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
 Manage staff in accordance with organization’s policies and applicable regulations. Responsibilities include planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance and guiding professional development; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing employee relations issues and resolving problems. Approve actions on human resources matters.
  Participate the hiring and selection process through participation in the interviewing process.Management of onboarding training for new CRAs.
  Ensure that staff has the proper materials, systems access and training to complete job responsibilities.
  Participate in the allocation of resources to clinical research projects by assigning staff to clinical studies that are appropriate to their experience and training.
  Manage the quality of assigned staff's clinical work through regular review and evaluation of work product.
  Identifies quality risks and issues and create appropriate corrective action plans to prevent or correct deficiencies in performance of staff.
  Ensure that staff is meeting defined workload, quality and other metrics through regular review and reporting of findings.
  Participate in clinical operations quality or process initiatives.

Qualifications 资格要求:
  Bachelor’s degree or above.
  Major in clinical medicine, pharmacy and biology or relevant.
  At least 6 years clinical trial related experience and 2 years as people manager or equivalent.
  Knowledgeable to China regulatory and clinical requirements.
  Strong leadership skills.
  Effective presentation and communication skills.
  Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.
  Effective time management skills.
  Strong oral and written communication skills in Chinese and English.
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Regulatory Effectiveness( Asso. )Director
Direct Report 直线经理:注册事务副总裁
Primary Function 主要职能:
制定注册相关的系统、撰写 SOP、收集有关法规政策和竞争产品信息、负责 eCTD 落地操作。
• 建立注册相关系统、撰写内部 SOP,这一责任将通过开发、实施和更新、完善 RA 团队 IND/NDA 以及上市后产品维护的工作系统/流程/程序。
• 支持 RA 团队,通过开发和监督工作程序及实践确保符合 RA 团队目标的质量结果。

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• 与 RA 注册项目组密切工作,提供整个产品注册生命周期的有效支持。
• 绘制工作模型,以标准化所有注册类型(包括 IND/NDA 和上市后变更)的内部工作流程。
• 开发和实施所有注册文件存档系统,包括递交资料、批准文件,并确保良好维护。
• 通过运行监管相关系统/数据监督合规性,就相关系统/文件定期进行质量审查以确保符合SOP/WI 的要求。
• 法规信息:密切关注注册相关法规和指导原则的发布/更新,如有影响,反馈给项目团队,如需要,制定/更新 SOP/WIs 以符合 NMPA/CDE 注册要求。
• 密切关注 CDE eCTD 要求和时限,建立 eCTD 工作流程,包括供应商的选择,以确保提前准备好eCTD 的实施。
• 领导团队内部核查和外部稽查。
• 收集竞品注册相关信息。

Qualifications 资格要求:
• 8 年以上制药行业工作经验,并有 5 年以上注册运营经验。
• 就中国及全球的注册法规和规范,具有良好的工作知识。
• 熟悉注册法规、指导原则和要求。熟悉 eCTD 的首选。
• 良好的写作、沟通能力。
• 良好的协作精神,敬业,有责任感。
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Regulatory Effectiveness( Asso. )Director
Direct Report 直线经理:Regulatory Affairs VP
Primary Function 主要职能:
The Regulatory Effectiveness Director is responsible for set related system, draft SOPs, intelligence, and eCTD implementation.
• To set the related system and draft internal SOPs, this responsibility will be accomplished through the development, implementation and maintenance of sound regulatory team work system /work flow/procedure for all IND/NDA and in-line product maintenance related activities.
• To support regulatory team by developing and overseeing, procedure and practices to ensure quality outcome that meet regulatory team objectives.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• Work closely with RA project registration team in providing effectiveness support for entire product registration lifecycle.
• Mapping the work model to standardize internal work flow for all types of registration work including IND/NDA and in-line product maintenance activities.
• Develop and implement registration archiving system for all types of registration dossier, approval documents, and ensure good maintenance.
• Oversee the compliance by operating to the regulatory related system/database in accordance with SOP/WI requirements and conducting regular quality reviews for regulatory related system/documentations.
• Intelligence: monitor regulatory intelligence news timely and inform project team, if needed, to develop/update SOP/WIs pertaining to NMPA/CDE Regulatory requirement.
• Monitor CDE requirement/timeline on eCTD, set eCTD working process including vendor selection, to ensure eCTD readiness and implementation in advance.
• Lead team for the internal audits and external inspection.
• Collect regulatory information of competitors.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• At least 8 years’ experience in pharmaceutical, with more than 5 years’ experience in RA operation.
• Good working knowledge of international and local regulatory guidelines and codes.
• Familiar with regulatory regulation, guideline and requirements. Familiar with eCTD is preferred.
• Good written and oral communication skills.
• Cooperative, dedicated and responsible.
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Regulatory CMC AD/D
Direct Report 直线经理:VP, RA

Primary Function 主要职能:
• Provide Regulatory CMC leadership within RA and on cross-functional CMC teams
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise of relevant regulatory authorities and ICH guidelines
• Facilitate timely regulatory approvals of new drugs and life cycle activities by ensuring the quality and appropriateness of submission documents, and maintaining regulatory compliance for investigational and marketed products

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• Manage project planning, operation and reporting of assigned projects.
• Prepare, review Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) documents for IND/BLA/NDA and their amendments/supplements to assure compliance with regulatory agencies’ requirements and industry standards.
• Develop regulatory CMC strategy and identify key issues throughout the project.
• Evaluate manufacturing change controls, assess regulatory impact, and support their implementation.
• Support QC testing for investigational and commercialized drugs.
• Support GMP site inspection when required by regulatory agency.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• Experience or understanding of drug development process.
• Strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills is a must
• Knowledge of CMC regulation is a plus
• Excellent time management
• Capability to multi-task and meet challenging timelines
• Chinese writing skills
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Medical Writing
Direct Report 直线经理:VP, Head of Medical Office
Primary Function 主要职能:
Medical Writer, working closely with I-Mab project team, provides high quality medical writing support to clinical regulatory documents (generally protocols/amendments, Investigator’s Brochures/updates, clinical study reports, safety reports and regulatory authority response documents) across product
development stages.
In addition, Medical Writer is responsible for overseeing medical writing services outsourced to CROs to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• Actively participate in project team meetings in the development of clinical documents
• Collaborate with study physician, clinical PM, regulatory team to prepare, consolidate review comments, update and finalize protocol, ICF including any amendment, IB development and update, writing support to support authority responses etc.
• Collaborate with biostatisticians, clinical colleagues to interpret study results and ensure timely and accurate integration of data presented in the statistical tables and listings and other information sources into the CSR
• Ensure all medical writing deliverables prepared per ICH and other relevant regulatory guidelines• Ensure that appropriate quality control (QC) checks are performed on protocol, IB, CSRs, other documents and other medical writing deliverables, as required
• Ensure documents are generated in accordance with agreed internal processes and standards, are submission ready and appropriately stored in an agreed document management system
• Provide thorough and critical review or peer QC support of documents prepared by others, as needed

Qualifications 资格要求:
1. Master’s degree from Chinese universities or bachelor's degree from overseas universities
2. Major in clinical medicine, pharmacy, biology or other related fields
3. 10 years pharmaceutical industry experience with at least 5 years in medical writing
4. Excellent English, both written and spoken
5. Demonstrated ability to communicate clinical data succinctly, clearly and accurately in writing
6. Knowledge of ICH guidelines and regulatory requirements and demonstrated ability to interpret and apply these guidelines in a report writing setting
7. Competence in the use of relevant software applications (e.g., Microsoft Office), templates and other electronic formats
8. Experience of working with electronic document management systems
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Clinical Pharmacology Scientist
Department 部门:Immunology & Early Development, R&D
Direct Report 直线经理:PV&QA Head
Primary Function 主要职能:
The Clinical Pharmacist will ensure the strategic application of Clinical Pharmacokinetic (PK), Pharmacodynamic (PD), and Modeling & Simulation (MS) principles towards efficient drug development,accountable for compound’s PK/PD strategy, implication and interpretation to other strategic business units,
internal and external stakeholders and provide quality services

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务:
• Analyze clinical PK/PD data as a member of several multidisciplinary development program teams
• Work with clinical teams to design PK/PD components in various study designs such as first-in-human,bioequivalence and drug-drug interaction studies etc.
• Contribute to clinical PK/PD sections of relevant documents
• Contribute to the design, analysis, reporting, and presentation of PK/PD modeling and simulation initiatives, including population PK/PD analyses for all phases of development
• Review scientific documentation including Clinical Study Protocols, SOPs, Statistical Analysis Plans and Clinical Study Reports
• Maintain a working knowledge of pharmacology, biology, therapeutics, drug metabolism, bioanalysis,and biopharmaceutics
• Develop and maintain a relationship with internal and external stakeholders and scientists
• Maintain a positive, results orientated work environment, building partnerships and modeling teamwork,communicating to the team in an open, balanced and objective manner
• Reviewing/Authoring scientific publications, abstracts, posters
• Participate in Business Development activities, compounds evaluation projects etc.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• Strong knowledge of PK and PD principles
• Experience with the design and implementation of Model-Based Drug Development strategies
• Knowledge of Pharmacometrics methodologies
• Experience in Pharmacokinetic modeling Software such as Phoenix WinNonlin
• Experience in other software such as NONMEM, GastroPlus and R is desirable
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
• Strong clinical/scientific writing skills
• Client focused approach to work
• Exhibit and promote a flexible attitude with respect to work assignments and new learning
• The ability to manage multiple and varied tasks with enthusiasm
• The willingness to work in a matrix environment and to value and promote the importance of teamwork
• A minimum of 3-5 years experience in drug development
• Strong written and spoken English communication skills
• An advanced science degree (MS, PharmD, PhD, MD) and/or relevant experience
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Senior Scientist
Direct Report 直线经理:Associate Director
Primary Function 主要职能:
The translational research group leads translational research, biomarker identification and novel targets exploration for I-Mab’s immunology and oncology pipelines.
We are looking for a highly talented and motivated bioinformatics scientist to support biomarker discovery and validation.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• Analyzing and interpreting high-throughput genomic and biomedical data
• Designing, developing and deploying robust workflows to analyze high-throughput data, with emphasis on RNA-Seq/ExomeSeq /Panel Sequencing to explore drug target biology.
• Mining proprietary and public biological data/database (TCGA etc) `to generate novel hypotheses or insights
• Building and managing biological database (NGS data etc).
• Presenting analysis results in a clear and concise manner
• Collaborate closely and effectively as a member of global biomarker and translational research team, follow sound scientific practices and maintain effective documentation of activities and analyses.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• PhD degree in bioinformatics / computational biology / genomics related fields; or Master degree with 3 years working experience in the bioinformatics related fields
• Strong programming and scripting abilities in R, and proficient in at least one other programming language (Python, Perl, Shell scripting, Java etc.)
• Comfortably working with Linux system and server/cloud computing environmentJob Descriptions
• Excellent background in analyzing high throughput biomedical data (RNASeq, ExomeSeq and Panel sequencing): data cleaning, functional annotation, normalization, analysis, interpretation and visualization
• Strong statistics and math background
• Familiarity with public databases and tools: NCBI, Ensembl, TCGA, cBioPortal, Oncomine, dbSNP etc
• Experience in database design, analysis pipeline and Rshiny development
• Experience with open-source bioinformatics tools and packages (Bioconductor etc.)
• Self-motivated and enjoys teamworking within an international team and dynamic environment always with timeline in mind
• Thorough understanding and interest in tumor biology and immunology
• Fast learner and excited for new challenges
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Team Coordinator
Direct Report 直线经理:EA, R&D

Primary Function 主要职能:
• Daily admin support
• Ad-hoc tasks supporting to R&D leaders
• Team meetings/events support

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务:
• Daily admin support
• Booking and coordination of meetings
• Expense reimbursement and other business administration
• Ad-hoc tasks supporting to R&D leaders
• Team meetings/events support
• Contact window with external vendors and internal stakeholders such as procurement, finance, etc.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• Bachelor’s degree
• Ability to quickly learn new tools and technologies
• Good interpersonal skills to communicate across functions/departments and the ability to build relationships
• Good written and oral English
• Excellent computer skills like MS Office
• Great attitude under pressure
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DM Manager/Sr. Manager
Primary Function 主要职能:
1) Execute the clinical data management strategy to ensure high quality, high value and timely clinical trial data that enable data exploration and analysis to drive portfolio decisions.
2) Partner with Associate Director of CDM to improve the internal CDM process and platforms to meet corporate needs efficiently.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
1) Provides a study level data management CRO oversight and takes data management accountability for low to high complexity trials.
2) Collaborate with CDM team members and/or related clinical functions to build I-Mab data collection and validation standard in system.
3) Provide strong technical support to improve the efficiency of data quality control during trials setup,conduct and closeout.
4) Makes recommendations and influences decisions to trial processes or technical solution in line with business needs.
5) Maintain a positive, result oriented work environment, building partnerships and modeling team work,communicating to DM CRO and trial teams in an open, balanced, and objective manner.

Qualifications 资格要求:
1) Minimum of a BS in life sciences degree or equivalent
2) Minimum of 5 years of experience in clinical data management or relevant experiences
3) Medidata Rave database builder experience preferred
4) Basic programming experience preferred
5) Understanding of clinical data system design / development / validation and system interoperability
6) Strong communication and interpersonal skill
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(Sr.) CRA
Primary Function:
Support (Sr.) Project manager / (Asso.) Project Management Director on Clinical projects to sets up, monitor and report in accordance with ICH/GCP, the company's requirements and the local/regional regulation to achieve clinical operation and study target on timeline, quality and cost

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Participates in the development of clinical trial documents in collaboration with the project manager.
2. Identifies and selects investigators/sites in collaboration with the project manager
3. Prepares / collects all documents needed prior to study initiation.
4. Performs study feasibility visits in the investigational sites
5. Organizes / participates in study site initiation visit in which are provided scientific and technical knowledge concerning the study procedures and its organisation.
6. Ensures monitoring follow up:
• Maintain the relationship with the investigational site
• Follow up of trial progress and quality control of data (source document check)
• Documentation of protocol violations, adverse events and premature treatment cessation.
• Identification and resolution of all problems: logistical, methodological, human technical, which occur during the trial.
• Management of the local trial files
• Management of the investigator’s trial file
• Management of trial related logistics
• Detection and reporting of deviations, finding and implementing corrective measures
7. Provides timely monitoring reports for all visits / contacts in appropriate reports.
8. Performs study close out visits to close investigational site.
9. Prepares, organizes and participates in investigator’s meetings
10. Manage study TMF filing and archiving
11. Participates in internal & external education and training

1. Bachelor’s degree and above
2. Major in clinical medicine, pharmacy and biology or relevant;
3. Have 2 years of relevant monitoring experience in clinical trial, and have knowledge reserve of clinical trial management specification (GCP)
4. Strong communication and coordination skills with internal /external clients
5. strong team spirit, sense of responsibility, proactive, careful and meticulous
6. Good computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
7. Good oral and written communication skills.
8. Good organization and problem-solving skills
9. Have a talent with effective time management.
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PML(Sr. ) Manager
Title 职位:PMO Operation (Sr.) Manager
Starting Date 任职时间:Jul. 2020
Direct Report 直线经理:Danqing Xu

Primary Function 主要职能:
The PMO operation manager (POM) will provide strong support to Program Management Leaders (PML) in terms of backend project management database maintenance, sharepoint site maintenance and project finance integrative maintenance.
In this position of technical subject of matters, PMO operation manager will work as Center of Excellence to create workflow and process with PMLs to ensure the execution of product strategy with concomitant goals and objectives in an alignment with I-Mab vision.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
•Be responsible for daily Sharepoint site architecture and maintenance;
•Work with PMLs (Program Management Lead) to govern projects progress tracking (milestones record, project team structure et al);
•Responsible for PMO workflow and process (time reporting, budget planning, portfolio review et al), work with IT and finance partners to optimize project related process;
•Create and maintain project related template files;
•Responsible for maintaining Project Management System.

Qualifications 资格要求:
• Medical, life sciences or business management related degree is required; Project management related training and understanding of PM related core activity is preferred;
• 3-5 years of pharmaceutical industry experience is required; experiences in pharma R&D organization is a plus;
• Skills in MS office (sharepoint, onenote and MS 365 environment included) is a must.Analytical, synthesis and reporting skills is preferred;
• The ability to work with cross-functional teams in a matrix environment is a must;
• Demonstrated ability to create organized workflow/process and resolve problems from multiple clues is required.
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Formulation Development, Director
Primary Function 主要职能:
The Director, Formulation Development will be responsible for leading formulation development of biologics. This individual will lead phase appropriate formulation and drug product process development for biologics programs to advance the portfolio. This position will work collaboratively with the various
functional areas within process and CDMOs. This role will be a key contributor within the CMC organization at I-Mab. The successful candidate will be a formulation specialist with a proven track record in managing and leading biologic formulations.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
1. Lead the development of formulation strategies in the design and implementation of stable formulations of monoclonal antibodies;
2. Provide technical and scientific direction to CDMOs and external laboratories to ensure project deadlines and performance standards are met;
3. Lead the development/optimization of scalable, efficient, and cost-effective formulation efforts;
4. Responsible for technical leadership in technical issue resolution with CDMO partners,including design of experiments and interpretation of results;
5. Oversee the preparation of technical reports, data summaries and CMC related documents required for various regulatory submissions;
6. Oversee the development of technical transfer protocols and supervise the transfer of drug product manufacturing processes into cGMP drug product manufacturing facilities;
7. Review analytical and clinical data to make scientific conclusions;
8. Create and review technical documents, reports, and presentations for cross functional teams;
9. Manage SOPs, change controls, deviations and CAPAs with thorough knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Qualifications 资格要求:
1. Masters or PhD (preferred) in pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry or another relevant field;
2. Eight-plus years of relevant biopharmaceutical industry experience with experience in formulation of biologics;
3. Demonstrated ability to successfully work with and influence contract manufacturing partners while maintaining a positive working relationship;
4. Proven leadership in developing new formulations/processes and scaling them up for implementation;
5. Ability to work/lead in a dynamic group that takes a multi-disciplined team approach to executing and achieving departmental and corporate goals;
6. Demonstrated communication, problem-solving, leadership, and negotiation/decision-making skills;
7. Desire to work in a fast-paced, innovative environment;
8. Natural collaborator who enjoys working on a cross-functional team.
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Senior Manager/ Associate Director/ Director of CMC RA
Direct Report 直线经理:Jack Qin

Primary Function 主要职能:
The purpose of this position is to play a leading role managing and executing CMC regulatory strategies,and ensure product development and manufacturing in compliance with relevant regulations, guidelines,and industry standards.This position requires extensive knowledge of biologics CMC Regulatory and CMC lifecycle management. Substantial experience with IND/BLA authorship and submissions.

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• Provide CMC regulatory leadership for Global development and registration programs (e.g., INDs,BLAs and Variations) in China.
• Research and interpret China and global CMC regulations and provide strategic direction and regulatory guidance to Quality, Manufacturing, Process Development as well as partners and CDMOs.
• Lead authoring and review of IND/BLA filing documents and promote product development in alignment with China and global CMC regulatory requirements for clinical development, registration as well as lifecycle biologic products.
• Collaborate with Quality teams in compliance audits at CDMOs and Vendors; Assist in PAIs and other inspections in manufacturing, QC labs and supply chain.

Qualifications 资格要求:
1. Ph.D/MS in life sciences with minimal 10 years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry;
2. Previous working experience in Biologics Process Development, GMP manufacturing or Quality desired;Job Descriptions
3. Extensive experience in preparation of IND/BLA filings, and Variations for biologic products, and interactions with Health Authorities in China. The experience of US IND/ BLA is plus. 
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Direct Report 直线经理:药学工艺开发部负责人
Primary Function 主要职能:领导和管理天境生物的工艺开发团队/小组,负责单抗类产品的工艺开发,或外包项目管理,或工艺技术转移、或实验室的工艺平台搭建

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
• 负责单抗类新产品的工艺开发,技术转移,中试放大的计划和策略,管理 CMC 开发的整个流程及执行项目,
• 技术支持和推进公司内部生产及外包的 CMC 项目,协调公司内外资源
• 负责工艺开发实验室的建立,工艺开发技术平台的搭建。
• 按照 CMC 开发的相关国内外要求,组织撰写 IND 有关申报资料,回答监管机构审计和审评等方面的问题。

Qualifications 资格要求:
• 具有化学工程,药学或生命科学相关的硕士或博士学位
• 需有工艺开发相关 5 年以上的经验,熟悉整个单抗类分子新药产品工艺开发的流程,如有细胞株构建,细胞培养、纯化,制剂或分析方面等方面的经验优先。
• 了解 FDA,NMPA/CDE 新药开发的法规
• 有过和 CMO 或 CRO 开发 CMC 项目管理和合作经验,
• 具备良好的执行,团队建设,人际沟通和组织协调能力,
• 有海外制药公司或跨国公司工作经验的,具备良好英文沟通能力为优先
• 有 cGMP 经验为优先
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BD Head
Direct Report 直线经理:Chief Commercial Officer
Primary Function 主要职能:业务拓展

Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
1. 根据公司战略定位,寻访目标客户并进行商务谈判,引进新产品,编写可行性报告;
2. 建立系统的新业务拓展渠道,发现新的业务类型、新的合作伙伴、新市场机会,对公司进行新业务拓展;
3. 确定意向客户,建立商业合作关系,洽谈、促进项目合作达成;
4. 制订新产品相应市场推广策略。

Qualifications 资格要求:
1. 医药或生命科学相关专业,博士学历优先;
2. 医药行业背景,10 年以上 BD 经验,有肿瘤项目经验优先(大/小分子皆可);
3. 英文听说读写流利;
4. 具备丰富的并购项目、late stage 项目引进的经验;
5. 掌握国内外医药市场信息获取渠道和调研立项分析方法;
6. 熟悉医药营销、药品研发、市场调查,了解药品报批、临床试验、药品专利分析等相关工作;
7. 熟悉各大类产品线主要产品,明确制药行业的现状和发展趋势,在医药行业有丰富的人脉资源优先;
8. 优秀的商务谈判能力、项目管理能力、团队管理能力,能适应经常短期出差。 
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Director/Manager of Global Business Development
Direct Report 直线经理:Senior Director of Global Business Development
Primary Function 主要职能:
Asia focused Search & Evaluation
Deal valuation
Business Execution
Major Responsibilities and Duties 主要职责和任务 :
▪ Work closely with Senior Director of Global Business Development, to drive the overall business development activities at I-MAB
▪ Identify and build relationships with Asia based biopharmaceutical industry companiesand identify potential business opportunities, follow through in negotiating and driving partnering efforts to the completion of successful partnership agreements
▪ Communicate effectively with IMAB executives and stake holders in identifying value add opportunities negotiating, and completing contract agreements that form the basis for long term strategic partnerships
▪ Understand and know how to navigate Asia biopharmaceutical market, including investment opportunities, products,
▪ Effectively collaborate with internal departments (Discovery, Medical, ClinicalDevelopment, RA) throughout the process of establishing and executing key
▪ Maintain key external relationships while identifying new potential partners within the areas you have been assigned
▪ Possess a strong understanding of I-MAB biopharmaceutical products, our key competitors, and how we will position ourselves to success through licensing out and co-development activities
▪ Track and communicate ongoing industry developments to the internal team members and stay up to date on the completive environment

Qualifications 资格要求:
▪ MBA or master’s degree in science or Business,PhD degree preferred
▪ Fluent English speaking, reading, and writing skills
▪ Three years proven track record in biopharmaceutical business development or related markets
▪ Excellent organizational skills, with emphasis on prioritization and goal setting
▪ Superior presentation and communication skills, both written and verbal
▪ Technical skills required to understand, present, and propose biopharmaceutical partnering opportunities both internally as well as to customers
▪ Ability to communicate information, whether technical or non-technical to staff members and customers, in a clear and concise manner
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IP Head
Direct Report:Legal Head

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1) Responsible for daily maintenance and management of company’s patents/patent applications, including but not limited to communicating with R&D team and external patent agents, compiling patent technical documents, filing patent application documents and tracking application status, as well as the payment of annual fees and agent service fees, etc.
2) Maintenance of licensed-in patents;
3) Supporting license-out projects, including but not limited to IP DD, etc;
4) Supporting the company disputes involving patents;
5) Establishing the company patent management system and strategies together with the external patent lawyers,recognizing and providing solutions to the risk in the patent management system, assisting updating the system;
6) Taking initiative to completing other assignments.

1) Master degree or above in biomedical related field;
2) Patent Agent Certificate and more than 5 years of patent agent practice and more than 5 years working experience of international patent position or more than 8 years working experience of international patent management position;
3) Excellent patent agent practice and professional writing ability in both Chinese and English, with strong ability to analyze and solve problems;
4) Good communication and coordination skills in both Chinese and English, able to clearly express professional opinions, and good at cross-departmental communication;
5) Good professional ethics and rigorous working attitude, team spirit, and can work under certain pressure.

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Legal Manager
Direct Report:法务副总监

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1) 对公司日常经营中涉及的法律文件(包括但不限于中英文合同、规章制度等)进行起草、审核、修订和参与谈判;
2) 收集、整理和更新与公司业务相关的中英文合同模板;
3) 对公司合同管理制度进行梳理,识别现有合同管理制度中存在的风险并提出解决方案,协助起草、制定合同管理制
4) 分析公司业务运营可能涉及的法律风险并提出相应的解决方案;
5) 对公司所遇到的纠纷提供法律支持;

1) 全日制法律专业硕士或及以上学历,具有英语国家留学背景者优先;
2) 具有 5 年及以上涉外法律工作经验,具备法律职业资格证书优先;
3) 具有国际律师事务所工作经验、外企法务、非外资企业涉外法务岗位相关工作经验者优先;
4) 具有较好的法学理论功底和法律文书写作能力,具有较强的分析、判断和解决问题的能力;
5) 具备优秀的沟通协调能力,能清晰表达专业法律意见,善于开展跨部门沟通;
6) 具备良好的职业操守及严谨的工作态度,能承受一定的工作压力;
7) 理解能力强,具有良好的中英文语言表达、法律文书撰写及沟通能力,性格开朗大方、接人待物稳重;
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